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ABOUT The Pretty Pickle

Hi there! I'm Megan, the owner/designer/creator behind The Pretty Pickle. As a maker and a creative type that lives in the hills West Virginia, I'm surrounded and inspired by nature's beauty in every season. 

I began my business in 2010 and after a few years, found my true passion and direction when I combined natural elements and jewelry. I find it quite dreamy and magical when each botanical is suspended in time within each piece. My childlike curiosity is peaked and I love studying the tiny details and wonderful perfection and symmetry that occurs. 


My jewelry currently consists of two lines- Botanicals and Wings. I've also made some one of a kind pieces that combine these two elements! 


Each flower or wing is carefully preserved in resin, sometimes within a bezel and other times in the objects natural form. The process can take up to 3 weeks, depending on the structure of the wing or depth of the bezel. 

Our wings are obtained in several ways: 1.) purchased from butterfly conservatories and/or butterfly farms- each in turn help the ecosystems (forests) of the butterflies and continued research of these beautiful insects, 2.) found expired by myself, or friends/fans. I get asked all the time if I kill butterflies and the answer is a resounding NO. I'm a lover, not a killer. Butterflies/moths are collected after they have naturally expired. 

Enjoy looking around the site and check out the SHOP tab where you can find places to purchase your own piece of wearable nature. 

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