​How Do I Place An Order?


Super easy! Click on the tab above that says "SHOP" and choose the best shopping method for you! If you are local, be sure to check out the physical shops that carry our lines of jewelry. If you prefer to shop online, click a link on the shop tab.

Where do you get your wings? 

The wings we use in our jewelry come from a variety of sources. Some come from friends/fans who have found wings, others come from butterfly conservatories from around the world, where they collect the naturally expired butterflies and send them through the mail. Others are from butterfly farms, which help fund the natural habitats of butterflies and provide much needed jobs to people in areas of poverty.   

Can I buy wholesale for my awesome store? 

Yea you can! I'm working on a new way to purchase wholesale directly from this site- but in the meantime there are a few different wholesale sites you can order from! Shoot me an email or text (pickle1483@aol.com 304-641-4321) and we'll get you all set up to start carrying Pretty Pickle pieces in no time! 

Where are you located? 


We are located in the hills of north central West Virginia. If you are close or local, save on shipping by sending me an email with your order! We can arrange a pick up or drop off location/date/time. 


Do you take custom orders? 

Yes! Custom orders are always a fun way to get to know my customers and make new friends. I take a few custom orders a month, so it's best to get on the schedule early. I've made memorial pieces, bridal bouquet sets, and several other special floral pieces for clients. Shoot me an email with your ideas and we will make it happen! 


Privacy Policy


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