The Pretty Pickle


I’m having a PARTY!


A Younique party!! 

I've only got one eye done here to show how long my lashes are after using the mascara!

My sister asked me to host a party for her new Younique consulting business, and after I had tried the 3D mascara, I knew I NEEDED TO SHARE THIS WITH EVERYONE!!

Here is how I got hooked: 

1.) My sister hosted a virtual party and invited me. 

2.) She suggested that I would love this mascara and I should try it out. 

3.) Because I love her, and was slightly curious, I went ahead and bought the 3D mascara to support her party....thinking I probably wouldn't like it, or it wouldn't work for me, or whatever other negative thought was in my head at the moment. 

4.) Mascara arrives to my front door. I apply. I immediately fall IN LOVE. 

5.) My sister decides to become a consultant. 

6.) I decide I MUST host a party and share this amazing product with my friends and followers (and get some great rewards for hosting as well! Who doesn't like free or reduced awesome stuff...especially when it is this amazing?!).


Folks, I'm not joking here. My lashes are outta control these days. And I mean that in a GREAT way. There are a couple things about my physical apperance that I would change if I could, and my lashes were near the top of that that I have this masacara, I'm in love with my lashes again. 

I've gotten compliments left and right, and even had a student tell me the other day that I could pass for "one of them" (a high school student!!!). I know it is because of my lusciously long lashes. 

There are a few products I've got my "eye" on if I can get my sales up to the point of reaping some rewards. 


Want in on this awesomeness??! Here is the link to shop using my virtual party!

Megan's Younique Virtual Party

Spend it up, ladies. 


Love your guts, 




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