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Urbini Touri Stroller Review


I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Mom Central for Urbini. I received an Urbini stroller to both facilitate my review as well as thank me for my participation.

I’ve been on the lookout for a new, better stroller for several months now. Our other system had a few things I liked, but it was lacking in several areas. This is why I was SUPER excited to get to be a part of this review!

We’ve taken our lime/black Urbini Touri  stroller to several shopping areas, as well as a couple walks around town and on the rail trail. There are so many cool features that I am very impressed with!

Let me start at the beginning: I put this thing together in less than 10 minutes. From unboxing, to putting child in stroller, it took ten minutes. Crazy right!? With small children, things need to be easy and fast. The Urbini Touri  came through on both of these.

I love the lime green and block combo. It is sleek looking, while still being highly visible while strolling around our little community. There are a few times on our walks where we must cross the main road- and I feel safer doing so because of the bright lime. Plus, I just really like this color in general=).

Another feature that is a stand out is the lightness of weight. The Urbini Touri   stroller is the best lightweight stroller at about half the weight of our other stroller. It has the weight of an umbrella stroller with the features of a fully loaded giant stroller. Win-Win.

Here are some of the other things I like about this baby stroller:

1.) Folds and unfolds easily (those of you who have ever fought with a baby carriage and lost know what why this is a big deal!).

2.) The foam handles are curved and are very comfortable. Also, I can hang my shopping bags or purse directly on the handles.

3.) Easily reclines so R can take a nap or rest while we are out and about.

4.) I LOVE the swivel capabilities of the front wheels. They can be locked into place, or unlocked for rougher terrain. Our other stroller didn’t have this option and it was so hard to push on gravel! The Touri is amazing on gravel and rougher roads.

5.) The sun visor has two sections that can be used together for ultimate protection from the sun/glare. This is so helpful!!

Ronan seemed very comfortable while riding around both in the mall and on our walks. He likes to hold onto the bar across the front and just watch everything from his comfortable seat. The harness is easy to use and doesn’t seem to bother him at all. I was a little worried, at first, that the length of the bottom of the seat stuck out too far and might make his little legs uncomfortable, but he actually seems to like this position for his legs.

I have just two cons for this stroller:

1.) There is no tray for snacks or drinks for R. He does like to munch on something while we are shopping, so if this was added, we would certainly use it.

2.) The basket is usable, but it is smaller than our other stroller, so our GIANT diaper bag doesn’t fit well. I’ll either need to downsize in bags, or hang it on the bar and put my shopping bags down in the basket instead.

We’ve not yet had a chance to use the car seat that comes with this system yet, because we’ve already graduated to convertible car seats in both of our vehicles. That being said, it looks well made, matches the stroller perfectly, is lightweight, and seems to be very safe. It fits into the stroller with ease, which makes travelling with an infant so much easier.
I do like that the weight limit is 5 lbs higher than our previous infant seat, which R outgrew just recently. I’m going to give this seat to our babysitter to use in her car, since it can go up to 35 pounds! We will be able to use it for several more months before R outgrows this one.

Here is some great information from the company:

The Touri makes it incredibly easy to bring baby along for the ride. This complete travel system includes the Urbini Petal Infant Car Seat and the fully-featured lightweight Touri stroller that has a reclining seat, removable cup holder, tuck-away sun visor, and a compact fold. It's ready to roll when you are. Light, stylish, complete. The world is waiting!

Urbini Touri Travel System, The Delightfully Compact Travel System, features:
• Ultra-compact umbrella style fold
• Petal Infant Car Seat that holds children up to 35 lbs
• Lightweight frame
• Multi-position reclining seat
• Removable child's arm bar
• 5-point safety harness with comfort pads
• Tuck-away sun visor
• Removable cup holder
• Roomy storage basket
• Front suspension wheels

Urbini Petal Infant Car Seat features:
• Designed for rear-facing use only, for an infant from 4-35 lbs and up to 35" tall
• Rigorously crash and side-impact tested
• Deep sidewalls lined with an extended layer of energy-absorbing foam
• Meets and/or exceeds U.S. Standard FMVSS213
• Includes body support and removable preemie insert
• 2-position base recline foot and level indicator to help confirm that the car seat is installed at the correct level
• Easy to use, built-in lock off helps secure a tight installation of the car seat base to the car
• Super lightweight design, weighs less then 8 lbs.


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See my review on here.

In conclusion, Ronan and I are super pleased with our new stroller! I would recommend this system to any new or current mom who is looking for a light weight stroller with cool features and options. 

Do you or someone you know own one of these Urbini Strollers? What is YOUR favorite feature!?


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