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Hot Market

I'm sitting at my kitchen table with a fan blowing directly into my flushed face as I type this. Today was a HOT one. The Bridgeport Farmers Market is one of the best markets in the area, and today (even with high humidity and a heat index of 100 degrees!) proves just that. Shoppers were out, eating the awesome food, buying fresh and local produce, and even picking up a few artisan gifts too!

I met a guy named Noble today. He was super interesting. How could he be boring with a name like that!? This is the thing I love about doing shows. I get to meet all kinda of cool people- customers, artists, farmers, chefs, etc. I get to talk "shop" with people who ask questions about my process. Artisans swap ideas, good show venues, and the best food to eat while working.

I'll be back at the market on August 28th- hopefully it is a little cooler! If not, I know to bring a cooler of ice and a fan.

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