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The Woodshop Line

What a fun and busy summer we've had! From farmers markets, fashion shows, and artisan fairs to establishing new wholesale partners, updating the website(s), and creating new products.....we've been busy (in a great way!!). I am so loving the growth that has happened this summer. Having the summers off frees up some creative brain space so that I can focus on creating new and exciting relationships and products.

One of the exciting things that I worked on this summer was creating and crafting a new line of nature jewelry! Woot Woot! I'm so pumped and pleased to share with you The Woodshop line of jewelry that will be available soon at the various shows this fall.

This line features pendant style necklaces made from wood scraps found in my dad's workshop. I've spent some time learning how to work the various workshop equipment from this crafty man, so when I saw some beautiful scraps left over from his spoon and other household item wood products lying in the burn pile, I knew I needed to make them into something wearable!

Each pendant has been cut, sanded, and finished with wood oil to bring out the natural grain and beauty. Minimalist in style, I simply can not pick a favorite.

Check out the photos below, and if you are interested in purchasing one, contact me! I won't be listing these online for now, so you'll have to visit me at a show or stop by one of the shops (find them under the shop tab)- or send me a message and we can set up a listing for ya!

I'm back to my day job as a teacher, so the business will be worked in the evenings and on weekends- but I'm still working my butt off so that the growth can continue throughout the year. One way that you can help, sweet readers, is to let me know of your favorite place to shop for unqiue, high quality, handcrafted items! Either online or in person, I'm searching for a few more wholesale partners!



Wood Shop Line

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