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New Year, Fresh Goals

Happy New Year, nature lovers!

We had a great Christmas season, and things are slowing down a little bit. That is perfect for this time of year, as I typically try to sit down and sketch out a few goals for the coming year and make a rough plan on how to reach them.

I've been listening to the podcast Elsie Gets Crafty, and one of her recent guests was talking about choosing a "word of the year". I heard them talk about their past words, and ones they had picked for the current year and was inspired to come up with a word of the year for myself AND business, if possible.

I think I've decided on "Pursue". I love it because it can be applied to many different areas of my life! From pursuing my children and being more present with them, to pursuing ideas for new jewelry see where I'm going, right?!

I'm excited and curious to see where this word leads me throughout the year, and how many different ways I can apply it to my life.

I made a few quick goals for 2017 on the business side of life. I'll add to them, I'm sure, as we progress through the next couple months, but I wanted to put them out there as a way of holding myself accountable, and encouraging myself at the same time.

Goal #1: Logo redesign.

Woah nelly. This one is my favorite and I can't wait to see the ideas come together for a more representative, natural, cohesive look. Stayed tuned for this won't want to miss it!

Goal #2: Wholesale Relationships.

I'm seeing some success with my current wholesalers and I'd love to get The Pretty Pickle jewelry in EVERY STATE. What?!? Ok, so that's probably not going to happen this year, so I set my goal for 4 new wholesale relationships. I think I can double that, but I also am new at this, so I want to be realistic. Wholesale is so cool. I get a more reliable stream of income, get to make stuff that I love and get it into the hands of other people who love it too, and become more recognizable as a business by selling in multiple locations.

Goal #3: Juried Shows.

I'm not giving up on craft shows all together, but I will be trying to get into more juried shows that are focused on artisans. I have applied to a few already for the summer and fall....I'll be sure to add those to the calendar if I get in!

Goal #4: More Organized.

One of my weakness is my tendency to put off organizing things, putting them away in the right place, reorganizing as needs change, etc. I know my life would be so much easier and less stressful if I just took a few minutes a week to file papers and other stuff. I'm going to try so hard to do better this year. Will my desk still be covered? Probably. But I'm gonna buy some bins/shelves/folders and stuff. Ha! It's a start.

I've got a few other goals rolling around in my head, but those are the big ones for now.

What are YOUR goals for the year? If you had to pick one word to represent your year, something you want to focus on, be better at, etc.....what would it be??



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